Welcome to a website dedicated to the history and life of the Caldecott Community, a pioneering children's community which began life in 1911 and is still evolving. As former children, staff, and friends, we feel there is a great deal to be learned from the life and history of the Community, and from the ongoing work and discoveries of members of the Association in the archives and in memories, which we try to share here. To begin your journey into the history and work of the Community please go to the Timeline, and explore. We would love to hear from you.

The Caldecott Association was formed in 2004 by former children and staff, and welcomes as members anyone who has been a part of the Community's life in some way, whether as children and staff, or as friends, family, supporters, or interested researchers. 

Were you a child, member of staff, or volunteer at the Community? Are you a member of the Association? There is a members' only area of the website. For a user name and password, or to join or find out more about the Association, please contact the Secretary.