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"Perhaps the very peak of my experience was reached one snowy January morning when I got up by candlelight and the farmer drove us up to Charlton in his high-wheeled dog-cart. I felt it was the most exciting moment of my life, as wrapped up to the eyes in a great rug, the cold with its sharp sweet smell hitting us as we bowled along the white road behind that spanking horse through the wide white landscape with the strange blue light from the snow on everything; and when we arrived at Charlton we were driven right up to the front door and Miss Potter opened it and I felt the warmth coming out and smelt the porridge and cocoa and I knew I should never forget it: indeed the memory of such an experience, so clear, so vivid, so intensely beautiful even to the eyes and sensibilities of a six year old child can become part of the very fabric of life as it did of mine."

Elizabeth Lloyd, in "The Story of a Community", visiting the Community when it was based at Charlton Court, in Kent (1917-1924)


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