Betty Rayment, music teacher at the Caldecott Community, was born on September 26 1927 and died on January 12, 2024. She first arrived at Caldecott in 1953, had a time away, and then returned, retiring summer term 1987, and continuing to come to reunions and events.

betty rayment with bikeBetty Rayment with her famous bicycle


betty rayment with bikeBetty Rayment at home, 2004. Photograph by Gill Cook.


Betty Rayment teaching and demonstrating/taking part in eurhythmics Betty Rayment on piano in the background during euthythmics class sa-ca-fdn 2 .1 .9. 28 Betty Rayment teaching eurythmics
   Betty Rayment demonstrating, playing piano for, and teaching eurythmics


 sa-ca-csw 2015.028.33 the choir with Betty RaymentThe choir with Betty Rayment


Reunions and Events

sa-ca-bn 02.07 Betty Rayment at the 1998 reunion1998

Betty Rayment at the 2008 reunion2008
with Diana Howarth, left

 2009 reunion. Effie Devenish left, Betty Rayment Centre, Gerald Moran right2009
Centre, with Effie Devenish left and Gerald Moran right

Betty Rayment at Lambeth Palace 20112011, at Lambeth Palace



sa-ca-csw 2015.028. From  Betty Rayment's collection of photographs, Mersham le Hatch in snow From Betty Rayment's collection of photographs


betty rayment wallsSelling Wall's ice cream betty rayment by gill  on  front steps at reunionOn front steps of Mersham le Hatch at reunion