[Christopher Howell was at Caldecott from 1961 until 1971. Of musical fame, he now resides in Italy. In January  2016 Christopher was browsing through some recently added website photographs donated by David Carver. We were grateful to receive comments on some of the photos and his comments are recorded here with links [CURRENTLY BROKEN] to the photos.]


Memories of some Staff by Christopher Howell in relation to photos on the website: Jock Mackintosh


(Photo ref. DCR-02-83 - HERE).

I don’t recognize the [beared man on right]. Or, just possibly, a certain Mr. Mackintosh (I don’t remember the first name) who arrived without a beard but developed one along the way. His accent was as Scottish as his name (his nickname was of course “Jock”). A very friendly chap. From the slight stoop and rather faun-like appearance it could be him (Mr Hilton had a more robust look).

I’d say this “Jock” is definitely “Jock” Mackintosh. I don’t see why the bearded gentleman behind Jane Abbey in DCR-02-82 shouldn’t be the same person, maybe a few years younger.