(Gift of Dennis Wainwright, November 2020)


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While regretting the loss of old helpers, we offer cordial welcome to Mr. and Mrs. Wainwright, who have sold their old home and built a new one just by the gates of Caldecott House, in order that they and their small son may join in the life of the Community. Mr. Wainwright has long been a member of our Council and an ardent supporter of the Community - how ardent is to be seen in the step he has taken. Although he has been but a few months in his new home his presence is already felt for good, especially by the boys, who look forward with keenness to an invitation to supper and a game of chess with him; while the presence of the Wainwright family each Sunday at Chapel and Sing-Song makes the Community a bigger place. Mrs. Wainwright is ever ready to come and give a helping hand in the work of the house in times of emergency, and Mr. Wainwright is already planning to start a troop of Boy Scouts and devising other ways of spending Saturdays and Sundays.