The Charter of the Caldecott Community

This household is a community. The members of this Community are the boys and girls and grown-up people. In connection with these are the parents and many friends who help us with their goodwill and their money.
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The Caldecott Community Constitution (Charlton Court)

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1. -The title shall be "The Caldecott Community"
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Shock-headed Peter: Programme for a play performed by the children at staff

"Shock-headed Peter" was performed by Community children and staff at King George's Hall on Tottenham Court Road in London on May 5th, 1923. It is a wonderful example of the creative way in which the Community attracted interest, raised funds, built the experience and confidence of the children, and developed staff-children bonds and community.
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Goff's Oak: "THIS is the HOUSE that YOU built" - Caldecott Week at Goffs Oak, December 14th-20th

A little booklet, printed on stiff card, illustrated by a 16½ year 'old-boy' of the Community - A celebration of community and its friends and supporters, and a plea for further support, playfully and joyfully expressed.
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School Reports for Dennis Wainwright

[1927] "It hasn't been possible to give Reports on all subjects as he has been in the Hut so short a time...[signed]P M Potter"

[1931] "We are sorry to lose Dennis, and wish him every success...[signed] L.M. Rendel Hon: Director."
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Programme for 'King Saul', performed by the children at the Rudolf Steiner Hall in London, February 26th, 1929

"Last year the children of the Caldecott Community gave a performance of a play based upon the story of Saul and David at their school near Chestnut. Yesterday the company was transferred to London, and gave two performances in the Rudolph Steiner Hall. King Saul consists of seven brief scenes...."
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Programme for 'Son of Jochebed', performed by the children at the Rudolf Steiner Hall in London, February 17th and 19th, 1930

"Where was Moses when the footlights went up? In this case enjoying himself. The pupils of the Caldecott Community, a Home School near Cheshunt for the children of working men, helped to relieve the blankness of our July theatre list by bringing a home-made miracle play to town and acting, dancing, and reciting it with the animation that is born of delight...."
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"The Caldecott Community: What is it?"

A fundraising pamphlet carried over from Goffs Oak, but lightly adapted and used for the Mote. Another fascinating insight into the vision, work, and approach the Community took to support the Community, and to make it financially viable.
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Council of the Caldecott Community Constitution (The Mote)

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1. "The Council of the Caldecott Community" is an incorporated association constituted in the manner hereinafter set out...

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The Caldecott Chronicle

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"All good fortune to the first number of the re-issue of the Caldecott Chronicle after a lapse of nine years. "We hope it may serve Caldecott in many ways. "The inclusion of items of importance and interest concerning the government, activities and general welfare of the Community may make our Chronicle a history of the Community of no little value....."
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Hyde House, Dorset: Some Photographs

It can be forgotten that photographs are documents, too, and that photograph albums document an individual's moments in time. The group of photographs here were gathered for the website from the archives by Bob Lawton, who was 18 months old when sent to the Community at Hyde in 1942.
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Caldecott Community: Mersham le Hatch: Ashford Kent

Entry information for the Community
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